im milkaholic...!!!

im milkaholic...!!!
while im dreaming i drink while im drinking i dream while im...

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aybi 5 months

heiiyy...! harrrooo....!! i have been 5 months, and have new style... im hairless.this is a trend for all baby in my age.
is it looked clean and cute...? post your comment lah...!!!
its quite long time i did not up dated this blog, i got bussy with my toys.
see my video, that was i called busy... i do some exercises, playing something what i could play.
day by day im growing....
(go to bottom of this page, see my video, just click it and go to the top,you'll see me in action)

ايكنبي ضياءالحق احمدالد ين
this is my name in Arabic letter.... its mean i can be the light of the truth...