im milkaholic...!!!

im milkaholic...!!!
while im dreaming i drink while im drinking i dream while im...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

aLL aBoUt mE...

this is what uncle Yaqoob Abdulla (the one n only very nice bahraini ever) made special for me, on my 40th days celebration...
he spent his bussy time to made this until his baby ibm lenove gone blackout.. huhhgh...


"im trying to speak, but still no one knows what i said. but im sure i did what people did when they say something, their lips and their voices same like what i had."
"qopptookglk spogp sdgptosdgk sdkgpsdkgpkgp ksdgkpkg psdpgkjops dufopsdo puiopsdig isdp gipsdigpisd gipsdygo poopfig ofortujofuigofg ofdogof duogfdog odfgidf giofdigi dfgpiigif gifdi grfdigoi fdigf digpifdpgipfd"
"do you understand what i said...? then sometimes why you ask me to understood what u said? just gimme time to learn, ya habibie..." {lol....}

im trying to say...

yes, im still trying...

.....alright alright.. we'll see.........
anyway, how's my pic? is it cool? this pic taken by simple camera on my ma mobile....


  1. tante Santi (sandal tinggi?)April 11, 2007 at 2:57 AM

    [12:42:36 PM] Santy says: Hahaha.. ya ampun mas.. lucu bgt anak lo..

    [12:42:52 PM] Santy says: Iya.. mkn cakep..

    [12:43:24 PM] Santy says: Boleh lah lo ni mas..

  2. Ari (4/11/2007 11:37:00 AM): tambah kayak elu aja nih mas

    Ari (4/11/2007 11:37:24 AM): matanya belok...cakep euy

  3. kayak amoy he he he...
    hidup Indonesia 2-1 VS Bahrain.
    kapan mulih le.?