im milkaholic...!!!

im milkaholic...!!!
while im dreaming i drink while im drinking i dream while im...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

1 Muharam 2007 ~ LoOk tHaT fUtuRe...!!!

see...!!! both of new year come closely... (sure next year will be closer). my pa told me that he was very busy lately... but he still trying to reach my ma, to say by sms and even to call her asking how i was doing... Pa, i'm doing great... coz ma always have milk and some vitamins for me. i like to move... and move... yaah... i'd like to be active, my pa said that active mean health...!!

i got critic, that my english was not good, i know that... here is my place to practice, i learned from my pa, even he was very bussy with his boss, hiss colleague and (whoelse...?) he trying to told me in english... misspelling, miswritten is humanbeeing... :)) the most important is we can understand what we read... please... your understanding is highly appreciated.... ;)

my pa still thinking what he was such a bad hubby of my ma, he left us for his job in bahrain, while i was in six to seven month inside of my ma... deep in his heart was true, not to leave us alone, but tried to make our future better. he planned everything for us when he was in bahrain last year (feb 2006), got to leave for visa extension on june 2006, reach home and got married with my ma.... have almost six month holiday... now when i was bigger in my ma, he left us to continue his contract... we are waiting for you pa...

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